Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to the Pagus

The first question you may have is: "What is the Pagus"?  There has always been a place where men have been afraid to go.  In a previous time, the Pagus was marked on a map with the warning, "Here do be monsters".  The Pagus was home to those in the outlying regions of the Roman empire, and therefore beyond the influence of the Church. The people of the Pagus were considered to be inferior in culture, religion, and education, but it was here some of the greatest expressions of Christianity would be created.

Within the Pagus resided artists, musicians and poets who provided Christianity with a strong voice.  In present times, these same individuals can still provide a strong voice to Christianity. This blog's purpose is to explore thoughts, ideas, beliefs and day-to-day experiences of Christians who are artists, musicians, and poets.

Since the Pagus is to be explored, several authors will contribute their unique viewpoint.  The authors will write about their personal Christian experience as well as day-to-day experiences.  Each author's objective is to cause the reader to evaluate the post's message and consider how the message affects the reader's personal life.

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