Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He looked like what?

I recently overheard a heated discussion about what Jesus looked like.  One person's argument was the Bible did not describe Jesus.  This is a true statement.  The Bible does tell His lineage and where He lived His life.  Therefore, we should be able to assume His appearance based on these facts.

But is Jesus' appearance as important as his life and purpose?  Should His looks have any affect on our response to His message?  Is salvation based on His hair being a certain color or style?  Is our relationship with Jesus' formed and nurtured due to the clothes He wore?

A person's appearance does not have any bearing on salvation or one's relationship with Christ.  Jesus did not care about people's dress, lineage, or history.  Jesus saw people's spiritual need instead of their need for new clothes or a haircut.  Jesus knew a person's physical and spiritual needs would be met when they accepted Christ.

In today's society, looks, beauty, and wealth seem to indicate one's worth in society.  Jesus uses none of these to determine a person's worth.  His message is everyone is of worth as God's creation and is worthy of being saved.

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Emily said...

If the Bible is any indication - it is the ones who looked the most unlikely who God chose.

Abraham did not fit the image of a proud new father. David was not the expected to one to kill giants or to rule the land. Jonah must have been an interesting sight walking into Nineveh. And let's face it, John the Baptist could have used some tips from "What not to Wear."

As for Jesus himself, I like the way Revelation describes him -horse riding, sword swinging, scarred and tattooed,trailing a robe dipped in blood. Doesn't sound like he looks too much like the pansy we see on so many church walls. This one looks powerful enough to kick some butt.

Got to love that!