Monday, December 21, 2009

Stumbling over obstacles...again

Why is it Christians seem to have a hard time holding onto God's hand and believing in His loving care for us?  One day we have been granted a victory over a tough situation but then the next day presents an obstacle that seems to big to overcome.

We seem to immediately forget what God has done for us and brought us through.  We focus on the obstacle and begin worrying about "what if", "Should I have...", "how will I...".  We don't seem to remember scripture that promises God will take care of us.  The lilies of the field don't make clothing but God adorns them with splendid covering.  The sparrows don't plant seed or tend a garden but God provides them food.  Very simple but powerful examples of God taking care of His creation.

We were created by God from the dirt of the Earth.  We were formed from nothing and have been given a place of honor, in His creation, as overseers.  We are more important to God than the flowers or birds.  Therefore, we should take comfort that He will provide for us; it may not be fancy food, the latest fashion style, or a big house but our basic needs will be met.  For our part, we must remember to honor Him, thank Him for his provision, and testify to His care for us.  Anything less would be a disservice to Him and make us appear as ungrateful.

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