Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello, my name is Lionel

My LTS (Long Term Spouse) and I enjoy watching the British Comedy "As Time Goes By".  The show contains basic relationship and family comedy; no smutty jokes or innuendos.  The main characters, Lionel and Jean are an older couple who are each single after losing a spouse due to divorce and death.  They previously had dated just before Lionel left for the Korean War.  They are re-united by accident and date for several months before marrying.

While recently watching an episode, the interaction between Jean and Lionel caused me to ask my LTS why we so enjoyed the show.  Her reply startled me: "Maybe we are a tad like Jean and Lionel".

Where is this crazy blogger going with this and how does this apply to the Christian life?  Let me see if I can bridge the two spheres together.  My LTS and I identify with the characters of Jean and Lionel because of their actions and reactions to life.  They may have had bad things happen in their life, but it has not prevented them from enjoying the events occurring now.

Should Christians be identifiable by their character and behavior?  How about their action and reaction when life occurs and the result-of-bovine-digestion hits the fan?  Does the world identify us as Christians when life happens?  Do we try, on a daily basis, to be seen as being a tad like Jesus?

There are days I have to answer a definite no to being identifiable as a Christian.  The "stuff" has hit the fan and I don't feel very Christ-like.  At times like these I';m very thankful to have One who can wipe off the "stuff" and help me to remember to be identified with Christ.

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