Saturday, December 19, 2009

From behind the pulpit

Does standing behind a pulpit make a message or sermon any more important or significant?  On a recent Sunday night, the youth minister did not preach from behind the pulpit.  He stood on the same level as the congregation.  His reason was: he was more comfortable speaking.

Jesus spoke to people where ever He found them or where they found Him.  Jesus' "pulpit" might have been a quiet garden or a small boat just off the coast.  The message was more important than where it was delivered.

The message should always be the most important thing.  Without the message, there is no possibility of change.  Without change, there is absolutely no possibility of salvation.  We must hear the message for it to have an affect on our life.

The pulpit is a piece of furniture that has absolutely no power to bring salvation to a person.  The pulpit is a tool: hold a Bible to be referenced, hold message notes to be easily seen.  A tool assists in completing the job being performed.

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