Friday, December 11, 2009

Tinted car windows and Christianity

Walking out of the church, this past Sunday, I noticed a vehicle parked close to the door.  I knew someone was in the vehicle since the engine was running.  I could not see who was in the vehicle since the windows were heavily tinted.  This caused an off-the-wall thought to pop into my head - Can the world "see" who is inside you?  Or do you have tinting that prevents people from seeing "inside" of you?

As Christians, we should be transparent to allow people to see Jesus within us.  Making Christ visible to the world should be important to us since we are "little Christs".  During the First Century, Christians could be easily identified based on their behavior towards one another and to the people around them.  Can we, in the 21st Century, be as easily identified?

Is it possible that instead of being tinted, Christians have become like a dirty car window?  Has living in the world caused dirt, grime and bug splatters to block the view of the Christ within us?  Have we been diligent to daily wash our "window" with pray, Bible reading, and fellowship with Christ?

I have been guilty of not daily washing my "window".  Waking up and not laying there to thank God that I awoke to a new day; asking for His help with my day-to-day activities; praying for others instead of being self-centered in my prayers.  Asking God to allow me to act such that I am identifiable as a Christian.  At the very least, allow my actions to cause someone to wonder the reason for my non-worldly behavior.

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