Thursday, July 29, 2010


Not to disappoint readers but this post does not deal with misbehaving children and the associated punishment.  Instead this post discusses paddling, as in a canoe, to safety.  My mind was drawn to this topic due to a Sunday morning sermon on Acts 27.

This chapter deals with Paul being taken to Italy via a ship.  The really, really short version: the crew, the centurion, the other prisoners, and Paul didn’t make it to Italy due to a very bad seasonal storm.  Paul had told them not to proceed since it was winter time and storms blew up unexpectedly.

Throughout the chapter, we see actions, such as lightening the load, taken by the ship’s crew to keep everyone alive and save the ship.  While these actions are being performed, Paul informs them an angel of God has told him there would be no loss of life but the ship would be lost.

All of the crew’s attempts to save themselves and the ship were fruitless.  The only "saving" action was to paddle for shore.  Some crew members could swim and others clung to pieces of the ship.

Some times in life’s storms we attempt to take appropriate actions, after making an unwise choice, hoping to be safe but instead we have to jump in the water and paddle to safety.  As in the chapter, God protects our life but we lose something due to our choice.

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