Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Excerpt from upcoming ebook title to be determined

I hope someone out there can understand this and share my perspective here. I grew up in church. I was pretty much a good kid. I have never been arrested. I spent most Saturday nights during high school at a prayer meeting. My conversion story goes pretty much like this: somewhere in the midst of all of my churchiness, I realized that I needed the grace of God. So when it came time to share testimonies, I always felt like the lame kid. You just sit there in the circle as everyone goes one by one telling their tear laden stories, silently praying, "Dear God, please tell me the person to my right was not a drug addict, alcoholic, abused child, or former satanist. My 7 seconds of 'I was always an OK guy, and one day I realized I needed salvation.' would not follow any of those other salvation stories well. However, if I have to follow any of those things, please let the rapture come now, because I don't want to be embarrassed... God? Are we still friends?!?!?! What do you mean (Nameless person to my right that I have to follow) used practice witchcraft and had a fight with a demon that sent them running into the arms of Jesus in an epic conversion story that makes you proud of them? God, this isn't funny. Thank you for your love and salvation and daily provision. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen." (disclaimer: this story might be slightly exaggerated by embarrassment-induced trauma, age, and tendency to dramatically recount stories.) I was not a very mature Christian. Might not be one still. See, God's grace, that's all I have to go on here.

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