Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christianity is the school of hard knocks

The other day Emily wrote about church not being the same as school. In her post, she states life is the real test. I agree but just when you think you have the answers to the questions, life changes the questions.

Christianity is a lifelong learning process with small pop quizzes along the way. The good thing is the pop quizzes don’t count against your semester grade. What about quizzes do you remember? The questions you got right? Most people remember questions they got wrong.

We all remember the snarky comment overheard by the subject of the comment; the smashed finger and the resulting creative language overheard by the person we talked to about Jesus. The great thing about life is we have the opportunity to re-take the quiz

Also, life provides real world, in the world, in your face, get your hands dirty experience. How many times have you thought “If only I had…” or “I wish I would have…”? The neat thing is you will probably get a second chance to attempt to put action to your words.

The best parallel I can think of, for the Christian life, is the school of hard knocks. We get bruises, scuffs, bangs, and cuts as we live. These heal but the experience gained allows us to be wiser, smarter, and better able to minister to those around us.

So the next time you miss the answer to one of life’s questions, don’t ignore the question. Be sure to take note of what you got wrong. You will get another chance to answer the question.

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